Our Story

Point 'n Click design was started by Brian Kumanchik - A 25+ year veteran - video game industry artist/animator (Sega, Sony, The 3DO Company) 

Brian is the Designer, Artist and Accessory Artist for Project Mars and an avid board-gamer with over 600 games in his collection, currently working at NASA/JPL as an Art Director.


Microsoft™ Flight Simulator Aircraft FAQ

Q: What version of Flight Simulator do you currently support?
A: Now we support FSX and FS 2004 but with enough interest we could also create Aircraft for X-Plane.

Q: Does the FSX version of the '58 C172 work with Service Pack 1, Service Pack 2 and Acceleration?
A: Yes.

Q: Why does my rear nav light for the FSX version of the '58 C172 not show up when I'm looking at the plane from the front?
A: There are some issues with DirectX 10 preview mode that cause this, we recommend running in DX9 as DX10 isn't fully/properly implemented.

Q: Why doesn't my sound or some of my guages work properly?
A: You need to have the stock installation of FS2004 or FSX and not have changed any of the gauges or sounds for the stock 172 in order for our plane to work properly. If you installed a plane that messed with some of the basic gauges or sounds in FS then that may cause problems.

What People Are Saying About Our Aircraft

"Just purchased your 1947 C140.  Love it!" - Vic

"Fantastic! Great job. I've been waiting for a 140 for flight sim for a long time" - Dave

"Quality product all the way. Beautiful detailing and a joy to fly. Great job!! "  - Bill Lane

"I was up until 3am flying the 172, you did a damn good job on it! - Awesome plane!!!!- Richard Bongiovanni

"Just a follow-up to let you know how much I am enjoying the C172. It looks great and flies like a tame bird." - Chuck

"You did a very good job on this. It's the best looking 172 with a straight tail." - Toby Hanson

"I flew the plane in FSX and want to compliment you on the outstanding job you did on this great plane.  I was very impressed   with the detail you have included in the creation of this plane, great job.  I place this plane as one of my very best in detail   and handling and look forward to your next creation." - R. Cooke

"I just purchased your model (fs2004). Excellent job! Sure is a beautiful classic." - Bob Wening

"The straight-tail 172 is magnificent." - Ole Beckman

"Congratulations to you and your team for this beautiful design." - Fede

"This computer aircraft is a very good reproduction of the actual aircraft in terms of looks and flight dynamics.
  I am most satisfied!"
 - Harry Smid